I'm Maria

I'm a wedding and family photographer and I absolutely love my job! I see it as a huge privilege to be able to capture, in the most sincere way, your moments of happiness.


I take a documentary-style approach to your wedding day or portrait sessions. By allowing your time to unfold naturally, I’m able to capture real smiles from your child, or a fleeting look between you and your partner.

I like to combine this with a few relaxed, natural creative portraits. In this way, I hope to not only tell the narrative of your wedding day or session, but of your relationships as well.


I was born in Brunei to a Swedish Mum and New Zealander Dad who have been back and forth from Hong Kong since the 70s. Hong Kong is home for us!

I met and married an Australian who has given me a few strange twangs to my accent, and a little Swedish-Aussie baby, Luca, who will likely be as confused about his heritage as I!

I believe what inspires you as a child will always come back to you as an adult. I loved art, photography and the outdoors, and later, psychology.

The work I do combines all three; creative and artistic imagery, stunning locations and real human connections.

Send me an email, I'd love to chat! hello@annamstudio.com


10% of my profits always have and always will go towards supporting local charities


I feel so lucky to call Hong Kong home and have the opportunity to shoot in some incredible locations.

However visiting these beautiful spots is often a stark reminder of the huge inequality that still exists in this country.

I want to be able to give back to this place which has given me so much - a safe and unique childhood, a playground for my 20s and my livelihood in my 30s!

That’s why 10% of my profits always have and always will go to local charities.

Head over to my instagram below and click on my "giving back" highlight for more information about my chosen charities.

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