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Photographs take on a whole new kind of value when you become a parent, don’t they?

I’ve been having photoshoots with my own family ever since the kids were born. And when I look at the photos now, even six months ago feels like a whole other lifetime. I see clothes they’ve outgrown, tiny fingers clutching once-treasured toys. Expressions I know well, on faces I don’t see anymore. And I find myself missing my children, even as they’re in my arms, looking at the photos with me.

Why I love family photography

The real power and beauty of family photography for me is how it doesn’t just remind us of a moment, it captures a whole chapter in our lives.

My maternity and family photo shoots in Hong Kong are relaxed and natural, with a touch of gentle guidance. I want to capture genuine moments of love and connection, whilst making sure the photos are as timelessly beautiful as they can be.






Motherhood in my photography

Do you know how your baby’s fingerprints are formed? As your child wriggles around inside you, they push their tiny hands against the walls of your womb. Their delicate skin creases as it grows, bunches up and forms little prints.

You’re the first person they’ll ever touch. And they’ll carry you with them for the rest of their life.

So whether it’s a maternity shoot, a newborn session or a family photoshoot, I’m truly passionate about capturing that uniquely beautiful bond between mother and child. Because as mothers, we’re always the ones holding the camera, aren’t we?!

And I know you may not feel camera-ready, or body confident, especially either side of birth. But when your children are older, they’ll look at the photos and they won’t care how you look. They won’t judge you for your body shape, your stretch marks, or the state of your hair. They’ll just be so happy to see you, and to see how very loved they’ve always been.

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Family life is full of energy, life and love. And I think your family photos should be, too. I want to give you family photos that’ll make you smile every time you pass them in the hall. Filled with huge smiles and tight hugs, infectious laughter, and podgy little hands around necks.



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