Your wedding day will be filled with once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll never want to forget. Your mum smiling up at you as she fusses over a buttonhole, or the look on your dad’s face as he sees you in your dress for the first time.

Then there’s all the moments on the day you’ll never get to see. Friends laughing together, children playing, your family chatting quietly and looking over their shoulders to see you arrive...

These are the moments that’ll make your wedding the incredible day it is.

And as your wedding photographer, I want to capture them all for you and keep them safe, not interrupt them.

So most of the time on your wedding day, I’ll step back, let your day unfold naturally and give you space to enjoy your day. I’ll guide you towards the best light and framing here and there, because of course we want the photos to look beautiful. But mostly I’ll be chatting away and making friends with your guests. Quietly working my magic behind the lens, and telling the story of your day just as it happens.

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Whether capturing a proposal, celebrating a milestone or taking pre-wedding images, it's perfect way to celebrate your love. Packages are $5,800 for a 60 minute session.

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Hong Kong wedding photographer, support network, and friendly wedding encyclopaedia.

If you need advice on how things work, what venue’s best, or how you should plan your timeline, just send me a “Hey, quick one…” message. Maybe you need an honest second opinion on a dress or a suit? Or maybe you just need to let off some steam and rant about your family?! Whatever you need, I’m there.

And don’t worry, I won’t be forcing my way into your planning like an overbearing parent! Just think of me as your hyper-organised support network, your unofficial therapist and your wedding encyclopaedia all rolled into one!

Wedding planning is confusing at the best of times. And especially if you're not originally from Hong Kong, it’s a never-ending bundle of questions!. So as soon as you book me as your wedding photographer, feel free to come to me for absolutely anything!

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Nervous about your couple's portraits?

Don't be!

Honestly, it's not going to be this big scary thing! And after all the attention and excitement of the morning, you’ll love the chance to escape the crowds for a while, soak in everything that’s happened, and lose yourselves in that love-drunk feeling of finally being married.

I’ll give you some gentle guidance, a few prompts, and suggest some poses if you’re looking lost. But I mainly want to capture you. The way you hold each other’s hands as you walk, the way you look at each other, laugh together. And all those wonderful little moments that made you fall in love with each other in the first place.

And trust me. In decades to come, these photos of you together on your wedding day- so impossibly young, so beautiful, so hopelessly in love- will be your favourite photos in the world.



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