“We’ve had a great experience shooting with Maria these past few years. She has such a relaxed style and it really translates to how comfortable everyone is in front of the camera.

She is able to capture such beautiful, authentic moments (some of which I didn’t even realise actually happened in real life much less could have been captured beautifully on film)!”

Christina Winn

“Our first year shooting with Maria, I didn’t see how it would have been possible to get any good shots of the kids either alone or together as it turned out to be a 33 degree day in December, we were all in winter clothes for a Christmas shoot, the kids hadn’t napped, the grandparents were there adding more chaos to the situation - but you would never even know it!

Everyone looks peaceful, relaxed, joyous - it was sheer magic I tell you!”

Ian Mahoney

“Maria has taken our annual family photo shoot for two years in a row now and we just adore our photos and enjoyed the experience.

She is super professional and we love her style which is natural, really capturing the personality of our kids each year. My son who is two years old wasn’t really in the mood this year, but very quickly warmed up to Maria.

She is very relaxed and great with kids. Also the process was very efficient and we had all of our final photos ready in just a few days. Highly recommend Maria to everyone.”

Jane Hodgskin

“We had an amazing experience shooting with Maria. She did our family photo shoot and made us feel super comfortable. Being a mother herself she managed to keep our son engaged. I didn’t expect to receive photos so fast, as other photographers usually take much longer. We will definitely work with Maria in the future.”

Daiana Samartseva

“Maria photographed our family on the weekend and both the experience and the photos were fantastic.

Not only is the time that she spends with you enjoyable, it is also a very relaxed experience. Maria manages to take phenomenal photos of you and your family in a chilled environment. Therefore, the photos look very natural.

Maria was very open and accommodating to our requests without us feeling like we were asking too much.

She was great with my toddlers and brought out some great smiles and joy which she captured perfectly.

Overall the experience was awesome and we will be back again. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a photographer!”

Monica Robinson

“Can’t thank Maria enough for capturing our family so accurately! Maria was recommended to us by a friend of a friend and after my initial call with Maria- I knew it was a perfect fit.

We wanted something that captured our dynamic “in the moment” and we loved her previous candid shots of families around Hong Kong.

"Maria was so professional, yet so understanding of us having an 11 month old who dictates our daily schedule. She was patient and guided us though the shoot with her camera always at the ready for a sweet moment between me, my husband and my son.

We LOVE the photos she did of us and can’t wait for another opportunity to work with her again.”

Diane Reid

“Maria is professional, easy-going and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are not models so we often get worried with our 'poses'. There was very little posing in our family shoot. It was all natural interactions and she captured our personality and family essence with precision.

Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments for us to always look back on! We're definitely booking another round of family photos soon!”

Coco Chan
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